1. What is Hotcourses?

Founded in London in 1996 as an educational print magazine, Hotcourses has grown to become a fully digital and multinational operation with over 300 employees and offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Through our targeted international education websites we inspire and support people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to make the right educational choice for their futures. This helps colleges and universities throughout the world recruit students, as well as be financially secure and culturally diverse.

If you would like to learn how Hotcourses can help your institutions, email us at apacteam@hotcourses.com.


2. How do students find Hotcourses?

Our direct marketing team is continually augmenting and building upon our search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts to achieve the highest rankings in top key word searches, including key words and phrases in local languages. Our websites are also locally domained to further increase our search rankings. Currently, 75% of the traffic to our international sites comes from organic search.

Hotcourses also partners with organisations located within our international markets to help promote our sites and build our inbound traffic.


3. How do students find us within Hotcourses?

Our Ultimate Search tool helps students find the best fit institution based on a range of criteria, including: academic course of choice, study level, destination country, institution size, test scores, budget and tuition. This ensures optimal matching of students’ academic and financial realities with institutions’ course and entry requirements.


4. What is Hotcourses cost structure?

Our websites are completely free for students to use. We offer colleges and universities a range of customisable packages that are flexible to fit most budgets and needs.


5. Can Hotcourses’ leads integrate into our CRM?

We will send you a weekly report in the file format of your choice that can be uploaded into any CRM.


6. How many institutions does Hotcourses partner with in the APAC region?

Hotcourses partners with over 200 institutions.


7. Can you provide references?

We are happy to provide references of institutions that fit a similar profile as your institution, upon request. We have case studies, testimonials, and videos from our partner institutions in the Resources section on hotcoursesgroup.com.


8. Can my school promote our travel schedule on Hotcourses?

Yes, you can utilise our Events Calendar feature to notify students of your travel plans. Schools can also sponsor a post on our market-specific social media pages to gain exposure to our followers and notify them that you will be visiting their country.


9. Does Hotcourses use social media to promote my school?

Yes, we have over 3 million followers on our market-specific Facebook pages, as well as Weibo and other local social media outlets. Colleges and universities have the ability to promote their institution via sponsored social media posts on any or all of our pages.


10. How do you pass student information to us?

In addition to sending you enquiries in real time, we will send you a weekly report in the file format of your choice that can be uploaded into any CRM. Partners have the ability to choose the information fields that students are required to submit when enquiring.


11. Does Hotcourses only offer lead generation?

While lead generation is a major benefit of Hotcourses, presence on our international sites also provides institutions with visibility to our 32 million annual student visitors from around the globe. We also offer a number of other tools and services to support higher education institutions with their international recruitment efforts. These tools and services include: insights and analytics to shape international strategy, tools to build brand awareness and diversity, as well as translation services to deliver localised content and to support marketing communications plans and international travel.

To learn more about our product and service offerings, we recommend you visit the Services section on hotcoursesgroup.com.


12. Are your sites translated?

Yes, we employ local translators to translate content into 14 languages. We do not use popular translation tools, such as Google Translate, which often deliver low quality translations.


13. Do you offer a free trial period?

We do not offer free trial periods because they are not aligned with the length of time international students spend researching prospective colleges and universities, which for many markets is upwards of a year or more.

As an alternative way to gauge the effectiveness of your partnership with Hotcourses we’ve developed the Enrolment Matcher Tool (EMT). The EMT helps institutions track applicants, admits, and enrolments as a result of activity on Hotcourses websites, with the ultimate goal to report ROI based on marketing spend. We’ve found through these EMT results that the longer an institution partners with Hotcourses, the higher their return.


14. Do we have to choose certain courses to promote?

Partner institutions can select an unlimited number of academic courses to list on their institution profiles.


15. Who does your translations?

We employ local translators to translate content into 14 languages. We do not use popular translation tools, such as Google Translate, which often deliver low quality translations. Our translations are evaluated quarterly for quality assurance.


16. Who updates my course listings?

Hotcourses will upload information on our partners’ behalf once a year, free of charge. Our partners will have full control of the data entered and can personally update their information at any time during the partnership. By keeping information up-to-date, partners will provide the millions of students accessing our websites annually with fresh and accurate information.


17. Is Hotcourses more beneficial for certain types of schools over others?

Schools of all classifications and sizes partner with Hotcourses to support their international recruitment efforts, whether they are public, private, specialty, or ESL focused.

To learn how different types of institutions are benefiting from Hotcourses, we recommend you visit our Resources section on hotcoursesgroup.com.

If you still have questions, please contact us at apacteam@hotcourses.com and we will be happy to assist you!