Let us introduce ourselves


Quality Traffic

We are the first point of contact on a prospective students’ research journey and for all our clients we act as the introducer, connecting users with the right course


Proven results

Whether you are looking at web traffic, tracking through to enrolment or looking at a results based model.


Leading industry knowledge

We have some of the leading experts in higher education sat right in our office delivering market specific experience, analytics and insights

Meet our recruitment teams

We have the resource to deliver help and support to over 6,000 global course providers with over 400,000 courses

UK Higher Education team

Responsible for: Domestic recruitment within the UK at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level

Brand focus: Whatuni, Complete Uni Guide, Postgraduatesearch

Based in: London

Global Higher Education team

Responsible for: International recruitment support for Universities in APAC, North America and the UK

Brand focus: Hotcourses Abroad and international websites

Based in: London, Sydney, Boston

UK Adult Learning team

Responsible for: Online, distance learning and college advertising to students within the UK

Brand focus: Hotcourses.com, Floodlight.org.uk, TrainingandCourses.com

Based in: London

Hotcourses Agency

Responsible for: providing personalised online counselling in India for prospective international students through our face to face, and online agency service

Based in: Chennai, New Delhi.

Our products

All our sites are designed to engage and support students from the early stages of research through to enrolment via unique digital tools. For all journeys we look to personalise the experience for the user. We do this in a number of ways:

Get in touch


Personalised timeline for prospective undergraduate students


Thousands of current student reviews added each month


The ultimate search tool to match students with the best fit course based on specific requirements
Here is just a few of the advertising options we can provide:


Institution profiles and translated microsites


Display advertising


Direct marketing campaigns

Enrolment Matcher Tool

The tool is available to all Institutions at no charge, and was shortlisted for the Education Investor 2016 awards for ‘Best use of Educational Technology’


The EMT (enrolment matcher tool) is a simple and secure tool that helps institutions track applicants, admits, and enrolments as a result of activity on all Hotcourses websites, with the ultimate goal to report definitive return based on marketing spend.

EMT highlights


Institutions are signed up to run the tool


Confirmed matched enrolments for 2016/2017 academic year


Student records uploaded to the EMT in the 2016/2017 academic year

Here are just a few examples from across the education industry on how the EMT has helped our clients 

Case Studies

University of Salford
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Birmingham Adult Case Study
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Swansea University
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